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In the Fall of 2012, dick clark productions launched a new version of the iconic television comedy show “BLOOPERS.” Instead of television and movie outtakes, this incarnation of the series focuses on web and user-generated content. Flubs, trips, and fits of uncontrollable laughter are at the center of “Bloopers” on again.

Hosted by actor Dean Cain, the show brings viewers hilarious mistakes and hidden camera-style videos from across the web combining user-generated content with mistakes galore to create a truly unexpected and entertaining viewing experience.

The original and legendary “TV Bloopers” series was created by compiling mistakes that were a result of technical problems, acting mistakes, forgotten lines, uncontrollable laughter, deliberate sabotage and plain human error which were all captured by cameras.

The new series is distributed domestically by Trifecta Entertainment & Media and airs on Tribune stations across the country.


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